Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Holy Cowness!!

Okay, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm gonna give it a go.  I've been trying to get this happening for quite a while now, probably over a year.  I've had requests to show my jewelry...OMG...that's scary cause it's not that great.  Hmmm, how to put photos on...I'm looking but afraid to click on anything.  This is like being lost in the woods.  OH!  I clicked on a little picture and I downloaded my pics...but I don't see them.  Is there a place where I can see ....  ahhhh, PREVIEW button, let's try that.  

WHEW!!! I got swallowed up by a black hole.  That PREVIEW button is evil I tell ya!!!  I couldn't find a back button.  All is well, I found my way back...now let me see if I can get those pics to work.

DEEP BREATH...   okay, didn't happen.  Back to the drawing board.  

You guys make it look so easy.  Okay, got my big girl pants on and I'm going to try again.

Oh lookie, I did it, I got a picture showing.  One at a time works well.  I'm gonna try another one.  
OMG, it's working.  

Here's some more...

I can hear Petra screaming MAKE THE PICTURES BIGGER!!!!!  Ahhh, I don't know how to do that. 

So here are some of the pieces I've created....I've really stalled for the last year and I'm trying to get my stuff back together again. 

Two years ago on April 2nd, I got a phone call -- my beautiful 37 year old daughter passed away unexpectedly, no sickness, just poof gone.  I lost my best friend.  I decided to take an online course to help me through my grief, I created these pieces during that time so they come from a dark, hurting place.  This last year hasn't been a picnic either, I had viral meningitis, weeks of high fevers fried my brain a bit then I had 4 surgeries on my right foot, that was the day before Thanksgiving...December and part of January I was confined to a wheelchair - I'm still healing from that mess.  Finally I'm able to wear shoes again but still limping and moaning and groaning at times.  I'm adjusting to my new normal -- Spring is here and I'm ready to start a new chapter and get my act together and march on.

Thanks Petra for your gentle, not always gentle, pushing.  I love you for that!  So here I am...THE NEW ME!! 

Love ya...
...Jackie  xo


  1. Oh darn, my font changed! Apologies for the not so great pics.

  2. Hello FTC (Jackie)
    You are awesome....I will be looking every day for your thoughts and creations !!!

  3. YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! It's bloody fabulous Jackie!!!!! Love it all, as I've always known I would.
    Such a heart wrenching place your pieces have come from. I'm so very sorry for your losses. What an emotional roller coaster of an opening, to what I know is going to be a wonderful blog.
    Jeez, viral meningitis as well as your hoofy business - ok, you've had more than your fair share now - so it's onwards and upwards from here!
    Oh Jackie, I'm just SOOOO excited to see your place as a reality at last, and happy if my gentle, and not so gentle, prodding helped get the job done!!
    Your pictures are lovely (and, of course they're not big enough!! When you initially put them on the post page,up at the top, quite well camouflaged(!), is a tool bar of options in teeeny tiny blue writing, that gives you the choice of picture size and position. Go extra large!!!).
    The poignancy of their origin is all there to see, and you've captured them in such an acheingly beautiful way. The subdued lighting adds to the overall feeling of them to create compositions that rip the heart strings, and make tears sting your eyes.
    Im thrilled for you, and just cannot wait to see more.


  4. Jackie, your work is stunningly gorgeous! Just wonderful! I'm so very sorry for all of the heartache and troubles you've had to endure. I admire that you've been able to channel these profound difficulties into beautiful works of wearable art. I'm looking forward to visiting this lovely blog of yours. Sending hugs and hoping that each new day holds something beautiful for you.

  5. Jackie this is one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen. Read my first blog post and it pretty much says the same things...where are my pictures etc.etc. heck I still say that sometimes...but hang on Jackie, your world is about to change...enjoy the ride...and yeah,
    I expected after all of that fussin that your work would be crap...but guess what lady...beautiful, lovely stuff...no foolin. To make pics bigger click on picture...words should appear, like medium large extra large..just click on the words...you’ll get the hang of it...ask me if I can help I’m always hear to do just that....You are going to love blogging I promise you and you can watch yourself grow and change each time you do a post...sending lots of love to your brave warrior woman..

  6. oh yeah and guess what...your photography is just wonderful. alright already enough of this putting yourself down...time to rise up beautiful shining star...xxx

  7. Super blog and so honored to be one of the first 10 followers. That bird brooch looks familiar, I had some in my shop at one time, I'm so confused because there's no record of them being there. Did I sell to you? Now I have a bunch of Mexican silver quails left.

    Anyway, enough about my confusion... your photos are great as are your creations and for you to have emerged from the depths to share this with us...well thank you and welcome to blogworld!
    xoxo Kim

  8. Well done, Jackie! Your jewelry work is gorgeous. I especially love the etched piece.

    What a tough two years you've had...but now it's time to soar. Welcome aboard!

  9. Jackie!! Your work is beautiful, and so is your blog! Congratulations!

    You have had quite a few years, dear one. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, and of the illnesses you have gone through. And yet - you use art to help the healing processes? You are a sister, girl. I'm proud to know you.

    xoxo, Juliette

  10. Wow, you've had so much happen to you. I'm really sorry! I am glad, though, that you found a way to help you heal.

  11. jackie,

    kudos and much love to you. God bless you for what you have endured. Your designs are so beautiful and you have a fabulous blog mentor in Petra. she will teach you well.....grasshopper..........

    best wishes and i am honored to have found your blog through Petra and Sir Mackie.


  12. okay..........forgot to tell you: I LOVE YOUR FONT...............

  13. Okay, I'm a bit late to the party and I just found your blog. Wadda you mean your jewelry isn't that great (imagine english/australian person trying to do bad american accent here) - your work rocks. I am so so sorry to hear of the death of your daughter, that is truly awful, and then you had to struggle with all the other crap, life just sucks sometimes. You obviously have an amazing strength in you and I guess one of the wonderful things about the internet (blogging and all) is that it is a doorway to such a welcoming community. Take care, Kate

  14. hi! you wrote a comment on my blog saying you have cookie cutters available. but to send you an addy where? I'm not posting my address here for all your dubious readers to see! and i cant find a link to someplace i might convo you at, ie etsy where i live.
    i love your etched pieces here by the way. i need to get my etch on one of these days...

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